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Default Re: Core i7 Overclocking thread

^^^You will be able to do 3GHz with a stock HS and voltage.... you picked one hell of a board for someone thats new to OCing.

I would just up your CPU Host Frequency to 144 and then adjust your Ram divider as close as possible to its rated speed.
You will have to run a 2:10 divider, that will give you 1443 on your Ram, then set your Uncore to 20x2886.
If you run a higher divider you will be OCing your could always try tighter timings.

Another option would be to lower your multiplier to 20 and run 20x150 which gives you 3Ghz and the ram will be running at 1503.
with a divider of 2:10.. set your uncore to 3006. Your will be turning Turbo Mode off...I personally think that TM is just gimmick as it only
raises the multi on one of the cores.
You should be able to do this by leaving most if not all of your voltages on auto. If theres an instability at all, try upping the vcore and VTT until its stable
Dont forget to to set your memory voltage to 1.65

But first of all, I would clear your Cmos.. especially if your board is not saving your settings.
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