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Default Re: Some questions before downgrading to 7xxx series cards.

Originally Posted by mooninite View Post
Do you have refresh rate forced to match your real refresh in Compiz?

Do you have "detect refresh rate" disabled in Compiz?

Those two settings will greatly effect your Compiz experience. Plus, turn on VSync in the nVidia tool.

I'm using my 9650M GT at the moment, with multiple windows up, refresh at 60Hz, Compiz forced at 60Hz, detect refresh rate off, and all window movement is silky smooth.
Currently I have "Sync to VBlank" enabled in CCSM and nvidia-settings, 60Hz refresh rate in CCSM and "Detect Refresh Rate" is disabled.
If I disable the "Sync to VBlank", I got a lot of tearing when moving any windows.

I need to revised my statement, the jerky animation is the minimize/restore animation, it happened sometimes, mostly with Eclipse.

Anyway, do you apply custom configuration in xorg.conf, or custom nvidia-settings value (PixmapCacheRoundSizeKB, etc)?

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