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Smile Nvidia(nvidia-settings) brightness,contrast settings not persisting on next reboot

Hi ,
I am using Nvidia 185.18.04 pre-release driver module compiled for 2.6.29 kernel on Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 GNU/Linux.
My Problem is ,nvidia-settings ,even if invoked as root also - cannot persist the changes after every reboot.So,On every boot,I launch "nvidia-settings" to make the custom change.I set custom brightness,contrast levels comfortable to me on my 19" wide aoc 917VW+ monitor using DVI input.
Now ,How I achieved the persisting of custom changes are done by adding "nvidia-settings" command on the startup tasks of Gnome ,every boot there is this nvidia-settings gui window.Is there any other way by which the custom brightness,contrast,gamma levels can be maintained?Ubuntu Display configuration application(gnome-display-properties) redirected to nvidia-settings.
thanks ,
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