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Default Options for adding a third monitor

I'd like to add another monitor (1920x1200 TFT) to my Linux setup, taking it to triple monitors. This is for programming, but I occasionally toy with some lightweight graphics too.

I already have an NVidia 6600 card PCIe x16, with dual DVI outputs. Works great and the performance is just fine.

I want to add a second graphics card for the 3rd screen. I'm not sure if I can do this with Linux though? If it is possible, can I retain TwinView across two of the three displays? (I imagine I definitely can't 'TwinView' across two cards).

Is anybody here using such a setup?

An extra card would have to be PCIe x1 or PCI. Will this work alongside the PCIe x16 card, or am I going to find it cripples the performance of the main card?

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