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Default Re: VDPAU MythTV DeInterlacing Corruption

Originally Posted by jyavenard View Post
Is this H264 content and does it look like like "blockiness" appearing from time to time ?

I've noticed this issue in mythtv, and it doesn't occur in mplayer. It's a mythtv issue.

No idea what the reason could be, it was first thought it was due to the old ffmpeg version used by mythtv, but even after upgrading all the relevant part of ffmpeg, the issue is still there
Yes, it is h264 content. I guess it could be described as blockiness, but the pattern is very uniform. It is a definite weave/interlace pattern that typically happens over the top of the moving object. It does not have to be high motion action to cause it, just the most active portion of the screen.

By pausing and rewinding under mythtv, I can usually get it to settle down. Once it has settled, it does not occur any more during the time current media stream is being played back. But pausing/rewinding/fastforwarding can cause the situation to occur again.

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