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Default nvidia driver for IA32

Running AMD XP 2400, MSI GeForce FX 5200 on SUSE 8.2. I downloaded and installed the driver for IA32. It installed quickly and without any problems. I was able to run startx one time and get to my KDE screen. After that, ASCII garbage and lock up. Yast is showing accelerated graphics enabled. If I run switch2nv, I can run startx, but of course, cannot run the apps that require the accelerated graphics.

X86 config:

BoardName "0x0322"
BusID "1:0:0"
Driver "nvidia"
Identifier "Device[0]"
VendorName "NVidia"

I also see load glx in there.

If I run modprobe nvidia, it tells me that it will taint the kernel. If I run insmod nvidia, it tels me that it is already loaded.

I do know that when it ran ok after the install, I saw the NVIDIA logo screen.

Any ideas, references that might help?

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