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Default Re: *** glibc detected *** munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0xb7f1a470 ***

Late here, but just to say, I am running compiz-fusion without glitz on Gentoo.

Just to clarify, I realized from my Ubuntu system, where these crashes didn't happen, that there is no glitz installed in Ubuntu. So I added USE=-glitz and recompiled cairo. And then did a revdep-rebuild to compile everything with USE=-glitz. I edited the compiz ebuild to remove the glitz dependency (and other ebuilds which require glitz or cairo with glitz). The result - it all emerges fine and works fine. So I now have a completely glitz-free system and no gtk app segfaults any more. However, since nvidia-177 series used to work fine, I still feel Nvidia should look into it and rectify. And so do the glitz guys, since this doesn't happen with Qt or such.
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