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Default 3D acceleration not working correctly under FreeBSD-CURRENT [nVidia 6800GT PCI-E]

I've recently moved from FreeBSD-STABLE to -CURRENT due to some issues with the old USB stack and an HP multifunction printer.
After the upgrade I noticed (well, this is not exactly true, in fact I'm pretty sure that I had the same issue with -STABLE but clearly I can't prove it anymore) that, while the nvidia driver seems to load correctly (at least this is what I deduced from Xorg.0.log and from the output of glxinfo), every 3D application simply doesn't work as expected: performance is astonishingly low and CPU usage top to 100% in about one second from the start up of the program. Even the simple demo glxgears has this same behavior, with a reported FPS of
Running synchronized to the vertical refresh.  The framerate should be
approximately 1/39486 the monitor refresh rate.
6 frames in 5.7 seconds =  1.052 FPS
I know that by the default FreeBSD-CURRENT has some debug options turned on but I'm pretty sure that I've already disabled them (at least with the kernel I'm using for these tests and malloc.conf is already set to 'aj').
To provide more information I attached the 'nvidia-bug-report.log' to the post.

The last thing I want to add is a peculiar fact: I noticed that the nVidia logo isn't displayed at Xorg startup anymore (maybe this is just a modification from the previous behavior that I haven't noticed till now).

Thanks for the help.
Best regards.
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