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Default Color Profiles Messed-Up for Videos

Whenever I watch a video on my projector, whether it's in Kaffeine or Myth, the color profile is messed-up. Red and green are switched, and blue and yellow are switched. My KDE desktop is fine, and when I watch videos in a flat-panel on the same HTPC, same video card, the colors are fine. AND when I watch a video in Myth using the VDPAU profile the colors are fine.

- Colors seem to be derived differently in videos, than for the desktop.
- Colors seem to be derived differently in VDPAU, than software rendering.
- Color profiling seems to be different for the projector, than for regular terminals.
- My projector (Planar PD8150) has four different color spaces you can set, plus Auto. When I set it to REC709 or REC601 the whole desktop goes into the screwy colors; however RGB-PC is fine but bright, and RGB-Video is fine but dark. So I suspect this has something to do with the projector's color profiling and its interaction with X.
- Driver 185.18.10

Any ideas?
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