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Default Re: Options for adding a third monitor

Thanks for that, really useful.

The Matrox Triple/Dual Head 2 Go isn't really an option because my current card doesn't have Dual Link DVI outputs. So I'd need to replace my current graphics card, increasing the cost.

It looks like I can probably happily use "SLI Multiview". I'm aware of the redraw across screen boundaries, but don't see that as a problem for me, and I don't use Compiz etc..

There is one thing I'd be grateful if you could clarify (and perhaps include in your updated drafts); when using a combination of TwinView and Xinerama, what happens with OpenGL / 3D Applications?

a) OpenGL is disabled, no 3D
b) Restricted to only the TwinView monitors
c) Works across all 3 screens, but performance is poor when the OpenGL spans two graphics cards

I don't mind (b) or (c), that's fine for my dabbling with 3D tools, but I seem to remember (a) from a few years back, which wouldn't be much fun.

Returning to another option, is TwinView always restricted to 'twin' or can it operate across 3/4 outputs on the same card? Is there an economical NVidia graphics card with 3/4 outputs?

Thanks again for your how-to doc.
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