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Default Re: Options for adding a third monitor

Originally Posted by markpogo View Post
I can probably happily use "SLI Multiview" [...]
what happens with OpenGL / 3D Applications?
c) Works across all 3 screens, but performance is poor when the OpenGL spans two graphics cards
OpenGL works across all three displays, i.e. i was playing UT2K and X-Plane for a couple
of years with two 7800GTX and later with two 8800GT cards. Performance is about
20%-30% lower than with a single card TH2G solution at the same resolution.
Please note that 7-series and below cards are limited to 4096 pixel for 3D. Also,
you need GPUs of the "same family" for OpenGL - for example, a 7800GTX won't
work along with a 8800GT, but a 6600 may work with a 7 series card. Best is
to use two identical cards.

Originally Posted by markpogo View Post
Returning to another option, is TwinView always restricted to 'twin' or can it operate across 3/4 outputs on the same card? Is there an economical NVidia graphics card with 3/4 outputs?
Quadro NVS 420 and the 450 have four outputs (around $500).
Also, the FX4700 X2 have four outputs (around $2500).
These cards hold two GPUs on one board and you need to configure
them just like an SLI-Multiview system with two cards as explained
in the howto.

I can remember that there have been some gamer/consumer Multi-GPU
cards with four outputs, but can't easily google one right now.

Anyway, if you have an SLI mainboard with two 16x PCIe slots
available, then those multi-GPU cards might not be the best
choice for you concerning the price/performance ratio.


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