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Default Re: No more black terminals after starting X!!!!

Fedora Core here.

Nouveau as well as the nvidia drivers (since 180.51) work nearly symbiotically together.
1440x900x32 on my shell seamlessly altered by nvidias prop driver upon DM init.

1.) get 2.6.29+ kernel
2.) use vga=ask to get a list upon boot
3.) bear in mind what you used (365 for me for instance)

To pass the correct option to your kernel you may use 0x365 (in my case) instead of higher counts, at least I didn't experience any problems ever since I handle it like that. Tried a lot of modesettings using vga=700 and above, but this finally fixed it, enabling a nicely looking shell, plymouth and smooth init of my display manager.

Gonna give the opengl3.0 beta driver I just wgot a try right now.
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