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Default [SOLVED] 8400gs 180.51 TV-out

I have my television hooked up to my video card via s-video to composite along with a regular monitor through VGA. At the moment, everything is actually working. However, often times but not always, the TV screen will go blank after a reboot or a restart of X. I don't know why this happens, or exactly how to how to get the television working again. I am editing nvidia-settings as root so things should be saved. What I really don't understand is that, when the TV screen is blank and I'm in nvidia-settings trying to get it back up, when I hit the 'detect displays' button I see my desktop wallpaper and Icons flash on the tv screen for a second--then i goes back blank. I would really appreciate any input as to why I get this sort of behavior and how to resolve this.

p.s. I noted the drivers I'm using in the title to this thread, but this problem for me is not at all driver specific. Regardless of what drivers I'm using I get this behavior.

Thanks in advance

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