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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

Originally Posted by Quantumstate View Post
I know you're in France jyavenard, but it seems to me that US ATSC is 1080i 59.940frames/ps, or deinterlaced is 29.970 pictures/s.

So the question I am trying to ask non-hostile ppl is, which is relevant to the test results?
For a start I'm not in France, only happen to have a French first name..

US ATSC is 29.976 fps or 59.94Hz interlaced.

It's the framerate per second that is relevant... Because it's interlaced, a full frame is made of 2 interlaced ones.
60Hz interlaced = 30 fps.
50Hz interlaced = 25 fps
60Hz progressive = 60 fps, but this is never broadcast, the best that can be broadcast is 60Hz interlaced or 30 fps.

I'm not hostile, I'm answering your questions, but you stubbornly choose to ignore them continuing to ask even after you got it answered.
In my first answer to you, previous page I said the exact same thing.
Your card is fast enough for any media you will ever encounter...
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