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Default Re: Left 4 Dead 2 arriving november 17

I'm very disappointed in Valve. Seems like the once great Valve (some don't agree possibly) has now dropped down to another of the developers, no intention of supporting a game they promised to support. Instead they drive a nail through the community, through the modders who no doubt will be far less interested in completing maps and such for a game that's essentially obsolete come November.

I can easily afford to get it, I spent loads of hours in L4D and got more than my money's worth. It's the principle for me, it's the fact that Valve have underperformed with L4D. TF2 is still getting new content, at this stage I'll most likely be avoiding it, unless it magically comes in at a sub $20 price point at which time I may consider it but I'd still be very annoyed by the structuring of this sequel.
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