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Default internal/external monitor on DELL Latitude D630 Notebook


i have a DELL Latitude D630 Notebook and a 24" external DVI display connected via docking station.
I am using openSUSE 11.1 and currently 185.18.14 NVIDIA driver.

If i boot the notebook with the internal display (LID) open, the POST, the openSUSE boosplash and the GDM loginscreen comes up on the internal display. that's ok.

If i boot the notebook in the dockingstation with the external 24" DVI display connected and LID closed,
the POST and the openSUSE bootsplash comes up on the external 24" display. that is ok.
but the the GDM loginscreen is on the internal closed display, so i can't see it.

this stupid behavior is only while using the nvidia driver.
using nv driver everything is ok.

also using the nvidia driver with openSUSE 11.0 everything was ok.

what is wrong?
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