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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

Originally Posted by Quantumstate View Post
Here's where we differ. A field is one-half of the picture, every other line. So the field rate must be twice the full frame-rate in order to .

My 9300 has tested out at 33 fields/s for Advanced, when the fieldrate for 1080i is 59.94 Hz. I'm not being stubborn, these are the numbers. It appears that my card can not handle 1080i with Advanced deinterlacing, but it's not clear to me how this relates to Advanced 2X and Advanced 1X.

It does appear that my 9300 can handle 1080i using Temporal, since it tests at 109 fields/s, but what does this mean WRT 2X and 1X?

And finally it appears my Quadro can handle Advanced for 1080i, at 90 fields/s.
I was referring to the "decoding" part, not the deinterlacing side of things and you know it as I wrote that the only thing you need to worry about is the deinterlacing part... You like to create strawman arguments don't you ?

Anyway, no point arguing with you, I don't care really... you obviously don't understand some of the basics of video decoding...
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