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Default Re: Core i7 Overclocking thread

Originally Posted by musman View Post
How can you tell it's running at 1066? Can you tell me how to change it? I have tried to change it a little but it never changes. I must half to unlock something for it to hold.

My RAM is also rated at 1.65V and it's running at 1.5 right now, another setting I have ben unable to change.

Thank You
Are you using f10 save and exit after you set your settings ? did you clear cmos?

Please don't be offended buy this but the board that you have is not for someone that is new to Overclocking.

You'll probably have more success looking here

I remember having a DFI board... it took me months to figure out all the settings.

If you could post pics of the bios screens it would be a lot easier to help you
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