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Default Re: 8800GTX DVI to old HDMI TV?

Didn't notice this thread earlier, but yeah HDMI is basically DVI with a few extensions, and they are pin-compatible. If your TV is compliant with either, it shouldn't ever care about whether or not there is an audio signal. A DVI tv should just ignore the audio data coming in it the source was HDMI and included audio, and an HDMI tv won't care if its source doesn't include audio.

Assuming the TV is fully compliant anyways, it will break compliance with either standard if it behaves oddly in these situations.

As for your USB cables, you may consider getting a powered hub (e.g. includes an AC adapter) to put near the TV. Some devices, e.g. feedback joysticks and the like, and portable hard disks if you ever use those, won't like running that long distance without some kind of local power source.

Good choice on going with monoprice though btw, they have some of the best prices I've ever seen on cables, and the quality is great. A retailer that actually doesn't do you up the butt when it comes to cable prices while pretending its a good deal, imagine that.
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