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Default Windows 7 Problem

I have installed windows 7 3 times on my laptop twice as an upgrade, which is the install i am presently using and once as a clean install.

Here is my problem , 7 is on an HP laptop 6735b, and works well most of the time , but the same problem keeps recurring over and over, the machine just hangs after using a vpn , and then when i restart it,, the operating hangs at the starting windows logo. the only way to resolve this, which works every time is to start the machine in safe mode and delete the wireless device from device manager and all the associated tunnelling adaptors and then restart normally. while this gets me going again , is there any solution to this, and is anyone having the same or similar issues.

I don't think it always happens with a vpn , sometimes i think it happens if i leave the machine just running and not doing anything. but the fix is always the same.

Thanks in advance.
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