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Originally Posted by mattty View Post
You get along well with the triplehead2go box, yes?
Works like a charm for three months, now - as mentioned in the other thread
(, I initially
had some timing problem with my Acer panels, but that was basically
easy to fix (as detailed in the other thread).

BTW.: the reason I was asking if separate X-Screens are strictly
necessary is that in case it also works with twinview, instead, then
I can offer you to try your compiz module with my six head dual TH2G
single GTX260 setup (on Fedora 10).

However, if you say that you also have the smearing with twinview,
then I fear it won't be any better with my setup ...

Originally Posted by mattty View Post
I would hate to switch over and then hit some other obscure problem
There have been a couple of success reports, so far in this forum,
but I certainly can't guarantee that it will work for you.

Originally Posted by mattty View Post
An 8-series GPU maxes out at 8192x8192 resolution according to Nvidia's documentation, I would think it could drive 3072x1536 in Twinview.
With 3x2 x 1024x768 you even shouldn't need to tweak the xorg.conf,
because the TH2G boxes have the 3072x768 EDID flashed by default.



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