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Originally Posted by mattty View Post
I just want one Compiz desktop across 6 projectors. That implies one X screen, no?
Not necessarily: my understanding is that a window manager could be aware
of the multiple screens and render to them separately. Means: a WM could do
the same thing as xinerama, but on a higher level (no xinerama needed).

The discussion in the this (fuzzy) thread:
gives me the impression that this has already been implemented for compiz, but i
couldn't easily find any confirmation on the compiz home page or googeling the web.

Originally Posted by mattty View Post
Jaxxon, do you have the digital or analog model of the th2g? If you have the digital, are you able to verify for me whether dvi->vga converters work on the outputs?
I have the digital version. I will try the DVI/VGA connection, tomorrow - it is supposed
to work :-)


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