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Default Re: Integrated Geforce 8200 woes: high X CPU on video playback

Is this issue fixed in the 180.60 version? I have the problem one of the posters described with high CPU during OpenGL rendering when sync to vblank is on. The CPU usage is intermittent though. Some of the time it will be 100%, then at random it drops to 10 or 20%. When it drops it appears that the vblank sync turns off.

It's a very strange thing, when the CPU is being consumed there is no tearing, but as soon as the CPU usage cycles down, a tear line appears. A good example where you can see this is in applications such as SDLMAME and MythTV.

I don't run compiz, composite is disabled, and my xorg.conf has UseEvents and TripleBuffering turned on. I'm running 180.53 on a 9500GT card.
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