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Default X 1.6 && 180.60 && Xinerama: crashes with sig 11 after some time


I'm running 8-CURRENT and the 180.60 nvidia driver which works without any kind of problem; yesterday I started using Xinerama (to prepare some presentation where the external monitor supports only 1024x768). I used 'nvidia-settings' to configure the 2nd display in that resolution (the laptop has 1920x1200) and enabled the Xinerama Option;

after restart of X with 'X -retro -logverbose 6' (via .xinitrc and .xserverrc) the desktop comes up fine on both displays and I can drag over (for example) the Firefox3 to run the presentation on the 1024x768 display. After a while (some 5-10 minutes) the server crashes with signal 11.

I'm attaching the nvidia-bug-report.log.gz after such crash.
Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks

Matthias <>
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