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Default 9400GT Powermizer

Hey folks,

I am running a Gainward Bliss 9400GT 1024mb card in my HTPC on Ubuntu 9.04. I have the latest Nvidia driver installed from which is 185.18.14.
Card is working fine, cept for Powermizer. I would really like to use the adaptive clocking feature with my card, since my HTPC is to run as cool and quiet as possible.
However, when I look at at the nvidia settings in gnome, I only see one performance level which is the default one I guess, with 550mhz core and 350mhz memory clock.
Even that is kinda not correct, since the cards default values would be: 550/400 mhz.
Anyway, is there a way to get Powermizer and adaptive clocking working with my card?

I already tried the RegistryDwords value in xorg.conf but that didn't seem to have any effect ...


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