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Default follow my lead you'll be fine

i have suse 8.2 pro and i installed the driver. you need to do the following
1) download the driver
2) logout
3) press and hold ctrl+alt+f2 to switch to a shell
4) log in as root
5) type init 3
6) go the directory where the driver is and launch it
7) if you get an error message and it fails try again with the following:
env IGNORE_CC_MISMATCH=1 ./{the name of the .run file}

that should work
8 next type init 5
9 don't login with x-server just yet. launch sax2. It should be able to autodetect the graphic chip. You need to check the enable 3d features option and confirm it though.
10 once you test and save with sax2 then hold and press ctrl+alt+f7, then alt+e and you are ready to use x-server with 3d enabled. Any questions?
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