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Default 185.18.14 Regression(s) - Missing/black textures in some wine apps, return of crashes

It seems like some stability/texture handling fixes didn't make it into the 185 tree.

In team fortress 2 DX9 mode, I get black/missing textures making the game nearly unusable. This exact bug was fixed in the first 180 releases, but now has reverted to how it behaved in 17x.

Additionally, I had seen zero WoW crashes in 180.60 (which are texture/memory related, only occur in certain areas on high texture res), while i've already gotten one in 185.18.14. These crashes are rare enough that this is far from conclusive, but i had purposefully attempted to cause them in 180.60 with no success.

I'm on, Gentoo, x64, with an early rev 8800GTX.
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