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Default Driver Lockup, black screen when exiting X.

I experience the same thing as many other users, with my GeForce4 Ti4200 agpx8, first I thought it was a known issue with the AGPx8 cards, and I just waited for an updated driver. But know im not that sure you guys (Nvdia) has acknowledge the problem.

My symptons are somehow different, but I believe its the same problem as other people describe in here. I started wayback with an nvidia tnt2 card, everything was fine stable and fast. Then I upgraded to a GeForce 4 ti4200 AGPx4, and think just got even better with twinview etc. Still no problem. Then the graphics adapter broke down, and I recieved a new GeForce4 4200 AGPx8 (was using a GeForce2 i the meanwhile with no problems), and everything went bad, I havent change any of my software settings and in windows it works as it should.

If I switch to the terminal the system hangs and lockup, if I stay in X for too long it will lock up, there are some small graphics glitches on the screen, not sure how to describe it, its like all pixels make a shadow, so the border of a window will make a dark line 16 pixels to the right of it. its not very noticeably but its visible (old card didnt do that). The lines are somehow stuck to a grid, it wont move with the windows, unless the window cover the line and the line will show up 20 pixels further to the right. (sometimes the lines a brighter than the background, but they follow sharp edges very precisely)

I found a workaround for the lockup when switching to the terminal. If I configure the driver for twinview(2 indenpendent screens), I can switch to the terminal but the text is VERY dark(almost black) and the text wont scroll, but it is able to shutdown. The cursor is not visible.

I have tried both with the kernel agp driver and nvidia's with same errors. Tried the 2.6.0-test3 kernel and 2.4.[19-22].

I have include all the details that could be of interest, please ask for what I have forgotten

Everything seems to work, tvout is working and I can boot with the cable plugged in, 3d works well too.

best regards
Kim Carlsen
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