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Default Re: VDPAU: bug in the drivers?

Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
I'm sorry, I did not look at the clock at first.
This is definitely neither an issue with MPlayer nor VDPAU, but the way the stream (the clock shown) was originally transmitted.
Please try mplayer -nosound and press "." for frame-by-frame stepping, you will see that "17:18:22" is shown for >40 frames, "17:18:23" only for 5 frames (pressing "." twice for two fields = one frame)..

Carl Eugen
Thanks Carl.
I confirm the clock in the video source is not updated evenly. I tested with commercial set-top box.

but AV sync is a problem in mplayer svn.

without -mc 2, I am sure it is playing at wrong speed.
The bottom scroll bars are slower than it should be, in commercial set-top box.
I guess mplayer is getting wrong of frame rate. Would it be related to MBAFF?
I heard that MBAFF settings are changed after the broadcaster changes its encoder.
I tried to demux the stream using my own code.
Looks like each PES contains only one field now. It has two fields before broadcaster changes its encoder.
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