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Default Re: So what MS did for PC on E3...

Originally Posted by nutcrackr View Post
I seem to recall MS telling us a few weeks back that there would be nothing on PC at e3, and they would leave that for another event. True to their words I guess. But yeah I think it's a pretty big disgrace, MS are hurting PC gaming more than anything right now. They do nothing, but they should be supporting the platform.
Really, what does MS care about the PC gaming platform? 100% of PC Gamers are already buying their OS... sure they could sell some gaming titles, but what do they care when they've got everyone opening their wallets in anticipation of Windows 7.

The only thing that would ever get MS to really get back on the PC bandwagon were if someone else could create a gaming OS that was better than Windows, and unfortunately developers are all using proprietary MS tools like DirectX, so unless someone else could license that or reverse engineer it without being sued, then we're out of luck.
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