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Default 185.18.10 - Xid errors and hang during VDPAU video playback

- nVidia beta drivers 185.18.10
- GeForce 9700M GT
- Linux 2.6.29

After a while (30 minutes or so) playing smallish (576x320) xvid videos using the VDPAU output driver in mplayer, I'm getting stuttering followed by a hang. I know VDPAU doesn't accelerate xvid and mplayer is using a standard software codec - I still prefer the VDPAU output driver to Xv because it draws subtitles at full screen resolution.

I can kill mplayer remotely and X might or might not recover - if it does, I usually get corruption of a few desktop windows which resolves itself after moving them around to force a redraw. If it doesn't, I can send Xorg a SIGKILL and things go back to normal after it is automatically restarted by the login manager.

GPU core temperature was around 69C when I checked using nvidia-settings after restarting X following a crash. The fan was running. This looks like the kind of crash that comes from hardware/overheating issues, but I can't see presentation-only VDPAU being very GPU-heavy, and this is a stock laptop (Acer Aspire 8930G) which presumably shouldn't have heat issues using stock clocks and settings.

Here's nvidia-bug-report.log.gz and Xorg.0.log.old (which shows the Xorg log during the crashed session - the one in nvidia-bug-report is clean):

The dmesg output in nvidia-bug-report has some superfluous stuff that you should ignore: the PM debug stuff (I have PM debug messages enabled because I plan on debugging a broken suspend/resume issue that isn't related to nvidia), the CAP_* and "Private value" stuff (Some time ago I messed with the ALSA driver to get the speaker routing corrected for my laptop and added some printk's which I've been too lazy to remove; also unrelated), and the USB connect/disconnect messages as I grabbed my iPhone which I was using as the remote terminal to kill -9 Xorg and/or mplayer.

Particularly interesting, though, is that pciehp seems to be trying to say that the nVidia card is being removed and reinserted from the (internal) PCIe bus during/after the errors (!).

If there is anything else I can do to help debug the issue please just ask.
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