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Default Re: Star Wars : The Old Republic Cinamatic Trailer

Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
My question is how they intend to make a story driven MMORPG... I hate grinding, the lack of a story,I hate MMOs in general. How do they intend to apply something like this?

Anyone has a link with info about this exact thing?
I don't have a link, because very few have seen gameplay (only media at E3). Luckily for you, I was at E3 :P

It is very story driven. It is also MUCH more dynamic...All of the NPC's are voiced (as is your character). Quests are given verbally, then there is a circle with 3 options (what we saw, could be more choices depending on the mission/quest.) It is different from other MMO's due to the fact that when talking to NPC's, it's not a "Do you want to accept this quest?" - YES/NO...The same can be said for decisions during the quest. For example, if your mission was to kill someone, and you find him, you can either Kill him (we killed him, the audience voted), or let him live and use him for the information he has. This changes how the quest plays out (and supposedly the entire game). Also note that when in a "group" or "party", all of the characters are involved in the voice acted information. I am unsure if the decisions switch between party members, or if only the person who started the "quest" get to choose what to do.

Whatever questions you guys have, let me know. I was sure that after that freaking amazing cinematic trailer, that I would be let down. I wasn't...I can't wait for this game to be honest...

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