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Default Re: Windows 7 and Microsoft

I'm also waiting for Windows 7 to use it ^_^

I still use Linux on all my other box's.
Linux is a great operating system, but depends what you're going to use it for. Would be great if it could be using for gaming, because just for using it as a media player or a secure web browsing and communication platform isn't just enough...

I just want a system where I can use MSN, some web browsing, and essentially gaming (among the usual dose of photoshoping and video editing), try to do that with Linux and you'll find... Pidgin for Linux, with its team of incompetent developers who say openly 'I never had a webcam' because they're just not interested in implementing its support?

No matter Linux is mainly fed by a group of enthusiasts and volunteers... if you want a good system, you have to put some heavy work on it, and you can't bear the usual answer aka 'if you don't like it, implement yourself'...

And the number 1 app-killer... dozens of different libraries to implement the same (like XML, SSL sockets and the like)... at least Windows has a unified architecture...

So every OS has it's good and bad points, but like you, I'm waiting for Windows 7 to make my day ^_^
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