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I did do this. When I got this problem with SAX2, I formated and reinstalled SUSe just to make sure, this time I installed the NVIDIA SUSE RPM instead of letting YAST update even though they are the same release. Well, I read the nvidia readme:

Did everything it said to do via console when installing RPMs, and manually edited my XFConfig-4 as stated above earlier. That did not yield good results, it actually did the same error as when I let SAX2 do it. Next a 3rd format of Suse, and this time I did the tar installation instead of the drivers, same crap! I don't know y'all, but it seems I'm axed out. *Shrugs* Gonna wait for an updated whatever from whomever, either new SuSe distro or updated drivers that may resolve this problem, other than that I'll stick with SuSe with no OpenGL support. Suxors but oh wells, time to play Open GL games on the redhat workstation. hehehe.
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