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Default Re: Left 4 Dead 2 arriving november 17

Originally Posted by jolle View Post
5 campaigns is hardly the same as 4 maps though.
Id love to get this stuff for free, but I wont hesitate to pay for it after all the time I spent on L4D since release.
Granted, it prolly cant touch the price per hour on my BF2 account, or CS:S if there was such a stat monitor system for it.

Still, I hope they keep adding to the first game even after the second is released, cause Ill prolly be playing both back and forth just for the variation.
Im willing to pay for it also... just not full retail. Give me it for $25 and I will be happy. It will then be an expansion pack. But it pisses me off that prior to L4D releasing they said they were going to have tons of DLC and all we got was a patch that added a new play mode...

Now their saying that L4D2 will have tons of DLC and they will continue to make DLC for the original... what a load of ****.
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