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Originally Posted by Greg View Post
I have a serious question for you, not flame bait...

Can you please describe what it is about Win7 that you love so much more than Vista?
The obvious features to me are:
1) Improved user interface for the Shell (Windows Explorer, Task Bar, some Control Panel tools).
2) Reduced security prompts.
Beyond these, I struggle to find compelling features. I am keen to hear why other people say effectively that Win7 rocks while Visa sucks. Once again, this is a serious question, so please feel free to reply with a few points in note form.
Vista in its current form (SP2) still feels more beta than Windows 7. The performance and reliability history shows my Vista installs on 2 PC rating around 4 continuosly due to the "windows explorer has stopped responding" errors that have increased since SP2 was installed. Also, other application crashes from Firefox and IE8 don't help its case. I've never had a reliability rating above a 6 for any amount of time.

On the other hand, the same hardware in Windows 7 has yet to have any serious crashes - even with leaked betas. However a few applications may still require install in Compatibility mode.

A few real pros for Windows 7:
I have a laptop with a P4 2.4Ghz CPU and maxed ram of 1GB. Vista barely ran on that machine. Windows 7 screams. Memory usage at idle drops into the 200MBs.

I have a Asus EEE PC 900a with 2GB ram and 16GB SSD. Again, Windows 7 runs wonderfully on this machine.

Windows 7 will replace XP on machines that cannot handle Vista - this is a big selling point for Windows 7 that Vista could never claim. Vista needs alot more resources to run smoothly.

I installed Windows 7 on my sisters PC she had an older printer and scanner. The compatilbility wizard in Windows 7 was able to determine and successfully install both - keep in mind neither of these devices have had drivers for any OS since Windows XP. Neither worked in Vista btw.

I could go on, there are alot of reasons for me that solidify my belief that Windows 7 will be very successful and very accepted. Hopefully that helps.
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