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Default Re: Windows 7 and Microsoft

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Ok, thanks for responding. I think you are saying:
o Win7 is more stable than Vista, particularly with Windows Explorer and browser apps.
o Win7 shell runs faster or smoother. (I presume due to interface or scheduling improvements as app benchmarks show no speed increase.)
o Win7 minimum requirements are lower than Vista allowing use on lower spec hardware.
o Win7 ships with more supporting drivers, or driver detection is improved. (Surprising since Win7 is newer while using 95% same driver model as Vista.)

Fair enough. I'm happy to listen and accept your experience with the product. I did add some comments in brackets.

Just for your interest (in case you wonder about my bias or thoughts) my Vista experience has been fine except for a wireless network compatibility issue (with a motherboard of all things, caused network speed of a few bytes per second). Vista has been highly stable, only reboot to update drivers and otherwise run for weeks at a time. Win7 interface improvements are great. I am concerned about the crippling of security and hope there is an option to dial up to Vista standards. I think casual users will have a hard time understanding file system and OS security management issues for both OSes. I'm amazed how MS can turn a boring think like an operating system into a desirable piece of retail software.
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