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Default 185.18.14 CUDA, some change.....

Hi All,

I don't have it working yet, but I've made some progress on the CUDA issue in the 185.X series. Looking at the CUDA 2.2 release notes, the instructions call out for gcc to yse the -malign-double flag due to the way 64-integers compile by default in gcc. When I add -malign-double to CFLAGS, instead of getting a 100% complete error when CUDA starts a task in BOINC for GPUGrid, it now just sits there, with the GPUGrid tasks in the queue, but does not change the 1st task from "Ready to Start" to "Running", so nothing starts. So I need one of 2 things...

1.) What are ALL the gcc flags I need for to compile the CUDA driver correctly in 64-bit linux? Or....

2.) How do I get to use the nvcc compiler from the CUDA Toolkit?


Mike Doerner
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