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Default Re: PhysX officially sucks.

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
According to polls:

IMO NV should abandon it and focus more on the graphics end.
That depends on one looks at that poll but since you're a believer in polls how about this one:

Personally voted "marginal" in Anand's poll and in no-shape-of-form do I look at PhysX as a negative like some try to portray and place "marginal" in the negative department. Marginal, with the context of a bonus right now while PhysX matures. I don't think many may argue what nVidia may need is more compelling content in more compelling titles -- to raise the views from marginal to a more positive view to more potential customers.

It was good to see "rhink" if this is the same poster I believed did go to Virginia Tech back in the day and talked back in the old 3dfx days?

Does PhysX Suck? To some; and opinions are like PhysX particles - there are so many!
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