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Default Re: PhysX officially sucks.

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Exactly my point. The best physics game right now? All using CPU physics, not GPU. I have yet to see anything done on PhysX that couldn't be done with a CPU. All I've seen from PhysX is throwing a bunch of random crap around on screen, somehow thats great physics?

What we need is developers to use what they have now to do something cool with it, not add GPU physics when they aren't doing anything with physics on the CPU now, not to mention detracting from the graphics end to achieve it.

Yes because playing a t agme at 10fps is such a wonderful thing to do when the CPU is doing true physics in the game. Cryostasis benches show this to bare, GTX285 vs HD4890 with a Core I7 920, the GTX gets well over 30fps the HD4890, 12fps with real physics, not the i shot the wall and sparks fly, but i shot the wall, sparks fly, chunks go flying and interact with other parts of the sceen.

Hell GRAW2 with the physics patch for Nvidia cards looks and plays 10x better than without, atleast it looks more real when you shoot and blow **** up.
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