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Default Re: id Tech 6 preview

Originally Posted by Soetdjuret View Post
Is this supposed to be impressive? Crysis can do alot better than that. And, even so UE3 lol.

Wish we could see some pics from UE4.. it's gonna be sickenly nice,.
Yeah, imo it looks fairly crap, the voxel(I believe) looks to be introducing some artifacts on the model, causing it to look blocky, the model itself is great, but I think they need to get things looking a bit smoother.

Even though as suggested, this isnt really the new id tech engine, it still seems to me that while id continues to push technical advancement, their tech doesnt look as impressive as the other engines, its like in the early days of quake engine modding, when someone implemented HL1 BSP support, it still didnt look as good as it did in HL1(I assume it looks the same now though since they have changed the renderer enough)
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