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Default Re: Left 4 Dead 2 arriving november 17

IMO, if L4D2 contains 5 whole new compaigns, the 4 classic L4D campaigns, with it having its graphics ramped up, new characters, new enemies(take a closer look at the video if you didnt notice them) and new weapons(everyone forget about the chainsaw already?), I dont consider this expansion material, and while it prolly doesnt deserve full price, I think people are just throwing around alot of Valve hate for no real reason(that I can see anyway), sure if you dont like L4D to begin with, then obviously L4D2 isnt going to interest you.
I know I am gonna get alot of heat from this, but sure, ill be the public sacrifice :P

Edit: Just watched a gameplay video I hadnt seen yet, they even have different ammo types, and other melee weapons like an ax and frying pan, but *shrug*
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