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Default Re: Slow Internet Connection on Laptop

Originally Posted by t3hl33td4rg0n View Post
Try disabling your WLAN adapter and connecting it with the ethernet to your router. Run a speedtest. If its the same, its probably software related (since the desktop works fine). If its faster, its either your routers wireless or the WLAN adapter.

If thats the case, try doing a firmware upgrade on the router followed by a factory reset and see how that works...

Also, what ISP do you have and what brand/model is your router.
Thanks for the suggestions! When connecting my laptop directly to the ethernet cable, my speeds match my desktop. I think the problem lies with my router, because I get the slow speeds when connecting wirelessly with my wife's laptop, too.

My ISP is Verizon FIOS. They gave me an Actiontec 4 Port Wireless, Model: MI424WR-C, Firmware Version: Is that something I can upgrade at their website?
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