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Default Re: Left 4 Dead 2 arriving november 17

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IMO, if L4D2 contains 5 whole new compaigns, the 4 classic L4D campaigns, with it having its graphics ramped up, new characters, new enemies(take a closer look at the video if you didnt notice them) and new weapons(everyone forget about the chainsaw already?), I dont consider this expansion material, and while it prolly doesnt deserve full price, I think people are just throwing around alot of Valve hate for no real reason(that I can see anyway), sure if you dont like L4D to begin with, then obviously L4D2 isnt going to interest you.
I know I am gonna get alot of heat from this, but sure, ill be the public sacrifice :P

Edit: Just watched a gameplay video I hadnt seen yet, they even have different ammo types, and other melee weapons like an ax and frying pan, but *shrug*

Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek has let loose with some intriguing details on the downloadable content for Valve's upcoming fast-paced zombie-tastic shooter for PC and Xbox 360. And yes, a flamethrower might be involved.

The company plans to add new scenarios to the game's initial 4, as well as new bosses and weapons. "There were strong hints at a flamethrower coming not long after launch," 1UP reported after talking to Faliszek.
Article dated Aug 08. This is one of many where valve promised the moon wrt L4D DLC.

They released a new game mode, and that's it. Now L4D2 is being touted as a "sequel".

How do you have a sequel for what are essentially 4 stand alone 'movies?

My bet is this L4D2 consists of a bunch of what was intended to be DLC at the start.

In short - they lied, period.
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