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Default Re: id Tech 6 preview

Originally Posted by TheANIMAL View Post
This isn't designed for characters, or moving animatable objects really, at least not yet, i'm not sure why they chose to use a character to demonstrate it.

Don't forget this is still cutting edge technology even if this demo was last year, in all likelyhood improvements have been made sinse then anyway.

What this technology shows is a perfect system for detail to increase for objects in the foreground and for detail to decrease for objects as they move away. It. Eliminates. LOD.

This basicly makes John Carmack a plenepotentiary for the future of real time graphics.
He always has been, but my point while he is ahead of things engine tech wise, it just doesnt look as pretty, I mean if you look at all the games using direct ID tech, they pretty much lost their edge after doom, Quake was a huge technical feat, with true 3d texturemapped levels, lightmaps etc.
Duke3d, while essentially running on the same kind of tech as doom 1 and 2(but beefed up), generally looked much better, prolly not the best example, but since Duke3d is the only game I can think of that was released within a couple of months of Quake, its the closest I have :P
I cant remember what games came out around the time of Quake 2 and Quake 3, but I am sure it follows the same path, impressive tech, just not as pretty as the competition.
Of course, I know this is just looking at their games and not looking at 3rd party games using their engines, I think Half-Life 1 is based off a heavily modified Quake 1 engine, but I cant remember when HL1 came out, to compare it to what level idtech was at, I think it came out sometime between quake 2 and quake 3, which would be about right,
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