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Default Re: Left 4 Dead 2 arriving november 17

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
Article dated Aug 08. This is one of many where valve promised the moon wrt L4D DLC.

They released a new game mode, and that's it. Now L4D2 is being touted as a "sequel".

How do you have a sequel for what are essentially 4 stand alone 'movies?

My bet is this L4D2 consists of a bunch of what was intended to be DLC at the start.

In short - they lied, period.
They didnt lie, plans change, they didnt promise anything, merely stating thats what their plans consisted of.
I agree though they should still put out some new campaigns for the original, but noone has said they wont be, and it might be too soon to release a sequel(its been less then a year).
However, what they stated they were planning to add to L4D, isnt as much as the vast changes made to L4D2, yes, the core gameplay is still the same, I would hardly call it a sequel if the gameplay was radically changed, however there is so many new additions, in terms of pure content, I dont see why they cant package it up as a sequel, its got alot more new content then the original game had, not to mention including the original content in it aswell.
In all truth though, the only thing that should be of any concern is price, IMO I am not a fan of purchased "DLC", or any kind of microtransactions, because if you think about it, how much would a campaign cost? $10? new weapons? $2? new characters? $5? You're look at much more then the cost of whats included in L4D2.
Charging full retail price for L4D2 doesnt sit well with me either, but I have no reason to believe they will, I mean L4D was never the cost of a full game, and right now its only $39.99(AUD), which is less then half of our retail price(normally at least $89AUD).
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