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Default Re: HD 4890 Round Up (Includes 700MHz GTX 275)

Nvidia drivers aren't "perfect," but they're better than ATI's.. especially when it comes to multi-GPU.

Nine months ago I had a nice Crossfire system. First with 2 4870s and then two 4870X2s. Worked really well most of the time. Rarely did I ever see a title that did not scale. I took a break and came back with two 4890s, and nothing works. Same platform, same operating system.. but Crossfire scaling is terrible.

So yes, there are some problems with ATI's drivers. Take it from someone who's been banging their head against the wall all weekend long trying to get Crossfire to scale like it should be in several games that worked just fine before but don't with the new Cat 9.5. ATI appears to be dropping Crossfire support for several titles without any explanation as to why. Meanwhile, those of us who have invested more money in hardware for Crossfire are left out in the cold.

Heinz, when people mention "profiles," they're not talking about what you think they are (saving graphics settings.) They're talking about the ability to set rendering settings for multi-GPU like you can with SLI. ATI does not allow that same ability with Crossfire (it's simply a checked box with no options), and so if a title doesn't scale in Crossfire (like I've found Oblivion and Fallout 3 don't over this past weekend,) then you're screwed. There's nothing you can do until they decide to fix it. SLI is more opened up and will allow you to play with settings to get multi-GPU working.

I have given up on ATI this round. The 4890, in my opinion, may just be the fastest card on the market. It's a very fast card. But if I can't get Crossfire working then these cards are useless to me, because I have a 42" 1080p that I need lots of AA on, and one card doesn't cut it at my res and settings.

So, SLI it is. Goodbye ATI and your *&$! Crossfire drivers. You brought the hardware but not the software.

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