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Default Re: GTA IV ridiculously low FPS

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Start with reinstalling the drivers. This is the first no-no with ATI. Never change cards without uninstall / reinstalling their drivers.

You may want to move to x64 because you are losing alot of system ram now with x86 OS. You are only likely to be addressing about 2.8Gb of your ram now with a 1GB GPU. When I went to the GTX 280 I stopped using x86 OS for the same reason.

I think the driver reinstall will sort things though.
x86 isnt a problem, you can activate PAE in your Vista/XP x86 to address more than 4GB of memory.

Anyways, Zhivago did you find any solution to this problem, cause you aren't alone facing this problem.

I am also suffering the same with my nvidia.

I Played crysis warhead with 2xAA,1280x1024 ultra high settings @ 25-40 fps. Crytek rocks!!

I am disappointed with Rockstar this time, they arent paying attention to PC. And if this continues, I am not going to buy any rockstar game in future.
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