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Default Re: PhysX officially sucks.

Originally Posted by SirPauly View Post
That's not necessarily true about improving performance because it actually does in my mind-set. You're gaining more performance when compared to the CPU -- so to say any time it is implemented - don't agree.

If the context is does GPU Physics take a performance hit when compared to no added advanced Physics? Then yes. But the point of GPU physics is to allow more advanced
Physic content considering the raw potential of stream processing when compared to the CPU.

PhysX/Apex is more than just GPU Physics but a Physic engine and tool set that is cross platform that caters to the CPU and GPU.
Don't get me wrong. I like all the eye candy I can get. The FPS bottom line doesn't change though. Heh, a lot of us here have hellacious hardware, it's easy to forget that we're the minority.

It's a disservice and a lie to make a statement like the one I responded to earlier. PhysX has great potential, but it will never increase FPS or "response" in a game. If you have the hardware to run it without noticing the FPS drop, it looks great, but you will always see a drop in FPS. Always, no matter how it's implemented.

More eye candy always requires more hardware to maintain FPS. I don't care where the hardware is added. (CPU/GPU)
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