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Default massive problems with 4496

Driver version 4496 is very buggy. I run the linux console in framebuffer mode with bootsplash. 4496 totally corrupts the console, and turns it into a garbled mass of blinking psychadelic colors. Which is actually kinda cool, although not that useable.

I run gentoo, so first I submitted a bug report on gentoo's bugzilla in order to ensure that the problem wasn't with the package team. A lot of other users are reporting bugs relating to 4496 as well.

In all cases reverting back to 4363 solves the problem.

Other problems as experiences by others are as follows:

Improper rendering in UT2003
rivatv freezes
console frame buffer corruption
xawtv segfaults

I really don't care about all the weird politics that nVidia seem to be getting themselves into. I am still a proud supporter of nVidia, and will continue to use nVidia products in all of my machines... unless, the linux driver support falls behind.

I hope that the next release will solve these problems.
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